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KetoCitra® For The Dietary Management of Chronic Kidney Disease.

  • KetoCitra® Helps Your Kidneys To Maintain Their Natural Resilience.
  • Research From The Weimbs Lab At UCSB Has Shown The Potential Of Dietary Interventions That Promote Ketosis In Slowing Down Chronic Kidney Disease Progression.
  • By Preventing The Formation Of Micro-Crystals And Kidney Stones, KetoCitra® Mayhelp In Slowing Down The Progression Of Kidney Disease.
  • Research Indicates That Kidney Disease Sufferers Frequently Have An Overly Acidic Urine PH, Making Them More Susceptible To Kidney Issues. KetoCitra® Directly Addresses This Imbalance.
  • By Binding To And Neutralizing Harmful Dietary Components Before They Can Be Absorbed, KetoCitra® Alleviates Potential Stress On The Kidneys.
  • KetoCitra® Is Sodium-Free & Sugar-Free And Formulated To Be Kidney-Safe When Used As Directed.


We highly recommend the subscription service. The subscription features are:

  • Your first shipment comes with free pH indicator paper suitable for monitoring urine pH.

  • A one-month supply of KetoCitra® will arrive at your doorstep every month when you need it. No need to remember to reorder.

  • Cancel anytime. No obligation.

  • Secret tip: if you only want to order KetoCitra® one time to try, you can buy it at the low subscription price and then cancel it. We won't be offended!

  • Change the amount or delivery date anytime. You will receive an email notification prior to every new shipment so that you can easily adjust the shipping date, or add items.

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  • For international orders, we recommend ordering multiple months' worth of KetoCitra® at a single time to save money on the import taxes and shipping costs associated with each shipment. You can then alter your subscription model so your next delivery is on a schedule that works for you.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about KetoCitra® (for health practitioners).

Directions for use of KetoCitra®.

KetoCitra® Product Information (English)
KetoCitra® 产品信息(中文)



KetoCitra ® 中的所有成分在其使用条件下均被公认为安全(GRAS)。请参阅下面的营养信息表,了解更多信息和完整的成分列表。

Domestic Shipping

针对国内客户的免责声明和信息感谢您对 KetoCitra® 的兴趣!所有在美国境内运送的订单均提供免费送货。美国境内的平均运送时间为 3-4 天。 **请注意:由于 KetoCitra® 是一种医疗食品,我们在任何情况下都无法接受退货。

International Shipping

针对国际客户的免责声明和信息感谢您对 KetoCitra® 的兴趣!为了使该产品在美国境外上市,我们现在接受国际订单。每个国家/地区都有自己独特的允许产品进入该国家/地区的方法,并且由于 KetoCitra® 是一种医疗食品,因此运送到您的国家/地区可能会遇到额外的困难。以下是有关订单发货的一些要点: 1. 对于大多数国际客户,您将需要支付 20.00 美元的固定费用,以支付所有运费,包括运费、增值税和任何海关费用。 2. 交货时间未知。如果您使用订阅计划,我们建议您将每个“下一个发货日期”提前,这样您就不会在两次发货之间用完。您还可以增加下一个订阅订单的数量。请注意,较大的订单可能会在您所在的国家/地区引发额外的关税,因此可能值得尝试。 3. 不幸的是,由于我们对国际订单的运输和海关缺乏控制,我们在任何情况下都无法提供退款。对于由此带来的不便,我们深表歉意,并正在努力为我们的国际客户提供更好的体验。 4. 国际订单不包含说明书。我们建议您下载说明书、阅读并与您的医生分享。