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KetoCitra® For The Dietary Management of Chronic Kidney Disease.

  • KetoCitra® Helps Your Kidneys To Maintain Their Natural Resilience.
  • Research From The Weimbs Lab At UCSB Has Shown The Potential Of Dietary Interventions That Promote Ketosis In Slowing Down Chronic Kidney Disease Progression.
  • By Preventing The Formation Of Micro-Crystals And Kidney Stones, KetoCitra® Mayhelp In Slowing Down The Progression Of Kidney Disease.
  • Research Indicates That Kidney Disease Sufferers Frequently Have An Overly Acidic Urine PH, Making Them More Susceptible To Kidney Issues. KetoCitra® Directly Addresses This Imbalance.
  • By Binding To And Neutralizing Harmful Dietary Components Before They Can Be Absorbed, KetoCitra® Alleviates Potential Stress On The Kidneys.
  • KetoCitra® Is Sodium-Free & Sugar-Free And Formulated To Be Kidney-Safe When Used As Directed.

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All ingredients in KetoCitra ® are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) under their conditions of use. Please refer to the Nutrition Information Table below for additional information and the full list of ingredients.

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