Oxalate Content of Food

The table is categorized by food and meal groups. Foods are listed under different categories of oxalate contents, ranging from “little to no oxalate” to “very high oxalate content”. Under each category of oxalate, the food items are listed in alphabetical order.

Although a food may be low in oxalate, it may not necessarily be considered “healthy.” This table only addresses oxalate content. Some foods low in oxalate can also be high in sugar, for example. We suggest discussing your diet with your physician or a registered dietician.

Note that the oxalate content of plants can vary significantly depending on plant variety, the location grown, season and other factors. The values here should only be regarded as examples.

Values listed are from published sources (see bottom for the sources) and are given for informational purposes only. No warranty is implied that values are correct. If a mistake is found, please contact us at info@santabarbaranutrients.com

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