Ingredient & Nutrient Profile of KetoCitra®.

All ingredients in KetoCitra® are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) under their conditions of use. Please refer to the Nutrition Information Table on the label for additional information and the full list of ingredients.

Macronutrient Profile: KetoCitra® does not contain fat or protein. An insignificant amount of carbohydrate is contributed by the natural flow agent (soluble corn fiber) and by the natural flavoring (lemon extract and lemon juice concentrate combined with gum acacia). 15 kcal (Calories) of energy per recommended serving (6.5 g) are provided in the form of citrate from citric acid and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), a naturally occurring ketone body used as an energy substrate by nearly all tissues in the body including muscle, brain and heart.

D,L-Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB): KetoCitra® contains mineral salt forms of the ketone body BHB as a racemic mixture. KetoCitra® provides a blend of mineral salts (potassium, calcium, and magnesium) in order to deliver the maximum amount of BHB while minimizing the total content of any one mineral.

Citrate: KetoCitra® provides citrate in the form of citric acid. Upon dissolving KetoCitra® in water, the citric acid is partially neutralized by the other ingredients of KetoCitra to provide a balanced overall level of acidity.

Minerals: KetoCitra® contains a blend of important electrolytes (potassium, calcium, and magnesium). KetoCitra® is formulated to contain only negligible amounts of sodium because dietary sodium intake is associated with accelerated disease progression in ADPKD and other forms of chronic kidney disease (Chebib and Torres, 2018Kramers et al., 2020). The form of citric acid used in KetoCitra® and the natural lemon flavor contribute a negligible amount of sodium. KetoCitra® is formulated to provide alkaline base in the form of mineral salts of organic acids.

Flavoring and Sweetener: No artificial flavors or sweeteners are used in KetoCitra®. To avoid introducing sugar which would raise blood glucose and insulin and antagonize ketosis, KetoCitra® uses a naturally derived sweetener from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. KetoCitra® is pleasantly flavored using a blend of dehydrated natural lemon extract and lemon juice concentrate absorbed on gum acacia, a type of natural fiber commonly derived from a species of acacia tree. This fiber acts as a prebiotic compound supporting the growth of potentially beneficial gut bacteria. (Calame et al., 2008).

Soluble Corn Fiber: To preserve the powder consistency and prevent clumping, KetoCitra® contains soluble corn fiber, a non-digestible carbohydrate that meets the FDA definition of dietary fiber. This dietary fiber is not digested in the same manner as cornstarch. Instead, it is fermented by microflora in the colon (Carlson et al., 2018Neri-Numa and Pastore, 2020). The soluble corn fiber used in KetoCitra® is non-GMO.