Managing PKD: How Much Protein is Safe?.

Jacob Torres and Kelly Welsh, discussing protein management for PKD

Discover the Crucial Role of Protein in Managing PKD

This educational video dives into the critical topic of protein consumption for those managing PKD. Learn from Jacob Torres, PhD, and Kelly Welsh, RD, about optimal protein levels necessary at various stages of PKD, taking into account kidney function, body weight, and activity levels.

  • What is the appropriate protein intake for someone with PKD?
  • Can excessive protein intake affect PKD?
  • How does the ketogenic diet integrate into this dietary strategy?

We address these questions and more, offering clear, research-backed recommendations for adjusting protein intake to support kidney health and overall well-being in the context of PKD.

This video is a vital resource for PKD patients seeking dietary guidance and healthcare providers aiming to enhance their understanding of nutrition in the management of renal health.

We discuss everything from the impact of essential amino acids like methionine to the effects of various protein sources on PKD.

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