What’s in KetoCitra®?.

What’s in KetoCitra®?

First, let’s explore WHAT KetoCitra® is:

  • Ketocitra® is a Medical Food that helps your kidneys to maintain their natural resilience.
  • KetoCitra® is the FIRST non-prescription product specifically designed for the dietary management of chronic kidney disease (including the genetic form polycystic kidney disease). It’s designed for stages 1-3, however KetoCitra® may still be appropriate for individuals with stages 4 or 5, but this should be determined by your health care practitioner.
  • KetoCitra® is specially formulated with kidney safety in mind and avoids any unnecessary fillers, bulking agents, or other artificial or potentially harmful ingredients.
  • KetoCitra® provides specifically modified nutritional support to address the unique nutrient needs of individuals with ADPKD.
  • KetoCitra® contains a blend of important electrolytes that help to bind food-derived oxalate and inorganic phosphates to decrease absorption of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate microcrystals.
  • KetoCitra® is formulated to contain only negligible amounts of sodium because dietary sodium intake is associated with accelerated disease progression in ADPKD and other forms of chronic kidney disease.
  • No unnecessary ingredients included: Many ingredients that are commonly found in processed foods or dietary supplements may be renal stressors and potentially harmful to individuals with ADPKD.

Now let’s look at what’s in KetoCitra®, and why:


BHB (Beta- hydroxybutyrate)

The BHB delivered with KetoCitra® is intended to support the dietary management of cellular metabolic abnormalities in kidney disease.

From a study entitled: Ketosis Ameliorates Renal Cyst Growth in Polycystic Kidney Disease: “…Weimbs and colleagues now show that the metabolic state of ketosis is important for inhibiting PKD progression. They also show that simply adding the natural ketone β-hydroxybutyrate to a normal diet replicates the beneficial effects of a ketogenic regimen.”



The citrate delivered with KetoCitra® is intended to support the dietary management of hypocitraturia in kidney disease. KetoCitra® is formulated to deliver an alkaline base load intended to support the balancing of urine pH.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a progressive condition that sees the formation of cysts within the kidneys, affecting their function over time. Here’s where citric acid steps in as an unsung hero. Citric acid, a key component of citrate, serves a crucial function in delaying the progression of PKD. When levels of citrate in urine are low, it can contribute to an environment conducive to the growth and development of kidney stones, which can exacerbate PKD conditions. However, when present in adequate amounts, citric acid binds with calcium in the urine, hindering spontaneous nucleation. This action prevents the growth and agglomeration of crystals that can lead to kidney stones. Thus, by reducing the likelihood of stone formation, citric acid can help slow down PKD progression, preserving kidney health for longer.

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Calcium & Magnesium

The calcium and magnesium in KetoCitra® help to manage the dietary absorption of oxalate and inorganic phosphate when taken with meals.

Calcium and magnesium are essential minerals that, when consumed alongside meals, can play an essential role in managing the dietary absorption of oxalate and inorganic phosphate. Oxalate, present in many foods, can combine with calcium in the digestive tract to form less soluble crystals, which are then eliminated in the stool, thereby reducing the amount absorbed into the bloodstream and excreted into the urine.

This is crucial, as excessive oxalate absorption can lead to kidney stone formation. Similarly, magnesium can bind with inorganic phosphate in the digestive system to form magnesium phosphate, a compound that is insoluble in water and can be excreted in the feces. By doing this, magnesium reduces the absorption of phosphate, a substance that can contribute to kidney stone formation and other health issues when present in high concentrations in the body.

Hence, both calcium and magnesium act as guardians, managing the levels of potentially harmful substances and promoting optimal kidney health.

No unnecessary ingredients have been included in KetoCitra®

Many ingredients that are commonly found in processed foods or dietary supplements may be renal stressors and potentially harmful to individuals with ADPKD.

KetoCitra® can be taken by itself without any other changes to the normal diet. However, it is recommended to use KetoCitra® as part of an overall nutritional management program in conjunction with sensible dietary changes under medical supervision. We recommend using KetoCitra® as part of a specially designed PKD dietary program such as the Ren.Nu program. More information is available here at Ren-Nu.org.

Patients may also work with a dietitian or other health practitioner knowledgeable in the latest research on the dietary management of ADPKD. A list of recommended practitioners is available here: https://santabarbaranutrients.com/pages/find-a-practitioner

Check out this video to learn more:

In this video, Dr. Thomas Weimbs, Professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) and President of Santa Barbara Nutrients, and Fiona Chin, naturopath medical researcher and kidney expert, discuss how the research in Dr. Weimbs’ lab has led to a better understanding of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and novel methods to deliver therapeutics specifically to polycystic kidneys.

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